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We provide regular classes in our academy ( Ridhara Music Academy ), you can get regular notes & tasks from our academy, apart from these we conduct extra doubt clearing classes for every students.

We designed a format for our beloved students for better understanding, It helps to learn quickly cause it's not so hard to understand the methods.

Actually there are two platforms for classes, online & offline, It's totally your decision, you can choose online or offline platforms according to your availabality.

We've already mentioned above about the practice classes, If there is any doubt about the previous lessons then you can book an extra practice class.

There are lots of knowledges about the music, you can get different type of knowledges about different type of music instruments & theories from the free monthly workshops ( organised by Ridhara ).

The total system is completely designed for a better atmosphere, that our students can get from our academy, the behaviours of the teachers & staffs are completely friendly, So that the students can't be uncomfortable.

Here you can enjoy a better classroom for learning music.

****And one more point about our academy is that "there is no age limits for learning music"

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Ridhara Projects                                                                                                                                                      

Here you can see some student's work & some individual projects of ridhara