About  Ridhara

Ridhara is a Platfrom, where you can learn music ( Ridhara Music Academy ) & buy various traditional folk instruments ( তিহাই - Ti Ha Yi  ). Apart from these Ridhara hosts some wonderful Events liike "Gunjan2022", "Saraswati puja 2023" etc. Lets know about the meaning of the name "Ridhara". Actually it's Ri - Dhara, The meaning of "Ri" (রি) is the Rishav sign of Swargram of Indian Classical Music, and the "Dhara" (ধারা) is a bengali word, the meaning of "Dhara" is Rhythm. So, the overall meaning of "Ridhara" is the rhythm of the Rishav sign of Swargram


We conduct various Events like Foundation day, Teacher's day, Saraswati puja, Rabindra Jayanti, Winter picnic etc. Check our Previous & Upcoming events here 

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Join Ridhara Music Academy today, We provide Guitar, Ukulele, Dotara, Clapbox, Percussion & Vocal classes, Click here to get admission :-

Get some cool traditional raw folk instruments 

from our E-store তিহাই - Ti Ha Yi  , All of these instruments are Handmade with premium quality woods & leathers. Choose yours & order, you'll be definiately satisfied.

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